Harki Lab Supergroup Meetings

Fall 2019 - Spring 2020
2-224 CCRB

November 7 (6 pm): Research – Anand; Literature – Katherine; Problem Set – Ram

December 5 (6 pm): Research – Katherine; Literature – Samantha; Problem Set – Jian

January 9 (8:30 am): Research – Samantha; Literature – Jian; Problem Set – Katherine

March 5 (9:00 am): Research – Ram; Literature – Kellan; Problem Set – Samantha

April 2 (6 pm): Research – Kellan; Literature – Michael; Problem Set – Anand

May 7 (6 pm): Research – Jian; Literature – Ram; Problem Set – Michael

June 4 (6 pm): Research – Michael; Literature – Anand; Problem Set – Kellan

RESEARCH TALKS (40-45 mins). Research talks are formal presentations and should include: (I) a detailed background discussion, (II) a brief summary of previous results, (III) an extensive presentation of current data (since last research talk), and (IV) a future directions and goals slide. A well-crafted talk with publication-caliber graphics is expected. A copy of this presentation should be deposited into the Group Folder on the Harki lab server shortly after group meeting.

LITERATURE TALKS (10-15 mins). Manuscripts for discussion must be distributed (email is fine) no later than Tuesday evening. Literature talks are critical presentations of recent manuscripts from the scientific literature. Presentations should include: (I) a brief introduction into the area of science relevant to the selected manuscript, (II) a discussion of the selected paper, and (III) your overall opinion(s) of the study. Manuscripts for presentation should be relevant to the research conducted in the Harki laboratory. Areas of particular interest include: advances in synthetic organic chemistry, technical advances in chemical biology and biochemistry, chemical biology, bioorganic chemistry, nucleic acid chemistry, transcription factors and gene regulation, new therapeutics for cancer, microarray technology, cancer stem cells, and reactive natural products. A copy of this presentation should be deposited on the Harki lab server.

Problem Sets (30 mins): Problem sets (and solutions) will be prepared by group members on a rotating basis. The group member responsible for directing the problem session will prepare a 5-10 minute chalk-talk on a particular transformation (or family of transformations) and then provide 5-10 representative problems to be solved by members of the group during the meeting. At the conclusion of the meeting the problem set will be archived digitally onto the Harki lab server for future reference.


Chemical Biology Interest Group (CBIG) Research Meetings


Harki Lab Subgroup Meetings

Weekly Research Updates
Attendees: Entire Group
9:30 am, Every Monday, 2-224 CCRB

Format: please prepare a short (< 5 min) presentation of recent research results.
Raw data is allowable and background discussion is not necessary.

APOBEC3B Team Meetings
3:30 pm, First & Third Thursdays; 4-224 CCRB

Format: 20-30-min talk by one group member; relevant updates by other attendees.