• The Harki Group 2021 (top from left): Katherine, Laura, Mckenzie, Samantha; (middle from left): Jian, Jake, Dan, Dami; (bottom from left): Michael, Ram, Jared, Kellan. Not shown: Deborah and Anand.
    Harki Group 2021
  • Harki laboratory research interests

Lab Announcements

TOC from Biochemistry 2019

Discovery of ssDNA inhibitors of APOBEC enzymes published in Biochemistry (pdf). Congratulations to the APOBEC team. 

4CIN OL TOC Graphic

Our paper reporting the synthesis and characterization of 4CIN, a fluorescent nucleoside analogue containing a 4-cyanoindole nucleobase, is now available at Organic Letters.


Research Interests

Research in the Harki laboratory focuses on the design, synthesis and biological characterization of novel small molecules, peptides, and oligonucleotides that influence cellular function.

Applications for these molecules range from anticancer drug discovery to new tools for modern biotechnology research.

Our core science is organic chemistry. However, we use techniques of modern biochemistry, biophysics, and cellular/molecular biology to evaluate the biological activities of the compounds we synthesize.

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